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Why buy a TV Soundbar or Soundbase?


As TVs have become flatter and ever thinner a consequence has been the reduction in the size of speakers accommodated in a modern TV. The result is often a different depth or tone to the sound than viewers previously experienced on older style LED and CRT TVs.

A Soundbar tends to be long and narrow with front facing speakers designed to sit below and in front of your TV to project sound towards the viewer and look aesthetically pleasing. That said they can also be wall mounted just like the TV. Connecting to the TV is simple using either the digital audio out port with the relevant cable and similar for audio co -ax. The benefit of a Soundbar becomes immediately apparent offering a greater volume, range and depth to the viewing experience. Both are a lot less complicated than a home cinema system and don’t require speakers and wires to be positioned all around the room.

A Soundbase is similar to a Soundbar but designed to be a little taller and less wide than its cousin. The greater depth of the unit allows the inclusion of Subwoofers and amplification units, meaning they generally have at least twice the output of a Soundbar with an additional bass emphasis. They are not designed for wall mounting and work best when placed on a flat surface.

Cello Soundbars and bases have the additional advantages of Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream music from your phone or tablet to the system too. The USB socket is to enable the charging of devices as well as providing another means of musical input.

The choice you make will depend on the volume output required, the room size, the size of the TV, the look of the device in your room and the necessity to wall mount it. One sure thing is once enjoyed you can’t go back so why not experience excellent cinema style sound on your new TV, it costs a lot less than you might think.

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