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The Curved Screen TV Viewing Experience

Recent years have brought a myriad of innovations within the world of television; HD TVs smart TVs and – most recently – curved screen TVs. Although curved screens have been around since the 1950s when the Cinerama debuted in New York, they have only been part of the mainstream television market for a couple of years now.

Even though they are a fairly recent innovation, there are already many noticeable benefits of investing in a curved screen TV for your home.

An incredible innovation in home viewing

One of the more generalised benefits of a curved screen is that it makes the viewing experience much more immersive when compared to a TV with a flat screen – hence why many cinemas, most notably IMAX ones, use them.

Curved screens reflect more light into the audience, and also ‘wrap around’ the audience, entering peripheral vision more. Both of these things emphasise the picture that is being displayed on the screen, and make for a much more immersive viewing experience.

A curved TV can also give the illusion that you have a bigger screen than you actually do. When the edges of an image are bent towards you, the image can appear wider, making it look as though the image is stretching further across the wall – more so than would be the case with a TV of the same size with a straight screen.

Furthermore, many simply prefer the aesthetic qualities of a curved TV to those of a straight one.

Size matters with curved screen TVs, too

These are just a few of the advantages of purchasing a curved TV for yourself. However, there’s one other obvious aspect that you will need to consider when you are looking to purchase a curved TV – size!

If you want to truly enjoy the greatest benefits that a curved TV affords you, a larger size makes a lot of sense. A 55″ curved TV, for instance, will be big enough to give that ‘home cinema’ feel with many of the advantages mentioned above, but is also sufficiently small to fit into most living rooms.

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