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Why Purchase an Android-Based Smart TV

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Smart TVs have slowly made their way to the forefront of the ever-evolving television market in the last few years or so. Given that so many UK homes now have one in place of a standard TV, you may be wondering what all of the fuss is about, if you haven’t already made the upgrade yourself.

The benefits of purchasing a smart TV are many, but we thought it would be wise to list just a few of them for those of you needing the incentive to begin browsing our range of Android-based smart TVs.

A smart TV lets you utilise the space you have

Regardless of the screen size that you choose when purchasing a smart TV, it’s likely that you will save a fair amount of space compared to a regular TV. A smart TV is already pre-loaded with various media, which eliminates the need for external devices such as movie or programme streaming boxes.

Plus, with Google’s Android being one of the most popular and established operating systems for devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to TVs, you can be sure of being able to access the most popular apps that one could conceivably want from a smart TV.

A world of entertainment options

One of the most appreciated aspects of a smart TV is the ability to view and use various kinds of media that you can’t access on a standard TV – be it the internet, on-demand streaming services, games, social networking or other apps.

This opens up a lot more opportunities for entertainment than a standard TV does – and you always have the opportunity to download more applications, should you wish to.

Need to multitask? You can do so easily with a smart TV

Smart TVs are a wise purchase for anybody wishing to streamline their daily routine by multitasking. For example, you can use the pre-loaded web browser to search for film recommendations, before watching said films via a streaming app such as Netflix.

Alternatively, if you are waiting patiently for a Facebook message from a friend, you can still catch up on your favourite series while simultaneously checking back on your TV’s Facebook app.

If we still don’t have you convinced, please feel to contact our team for more information on our Android-based smart TVs – or simply browse the current Cello Smart TV range.

We offer a broad range of such TVs in various sizes, some incorporating only the most popular pre-loaded apps like BBC iPlayer, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter – so why wait any longer to fully embrace today’s new and exciting smart TV age?