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World’s first integrated Solar TV from Cello delivers affordable off-grid TV access to 20,000 homes across Africa

Cello Electronics, the UK’s leading television manufacturer, today announces that its fully integrated solar television has been sold to 20,000 homes throughout Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Through a partnership with socially conscious, impact-driven German company Mobisol, Cello has engaged with these hard to reach African communities to provide sustainable and affordable TV viewing experiences.

Cello has a history of achieving technology “firsts” with its broad product range and has capitalised on the flexibility of its UK manufacturing operation to develop innovative products including its range of Android powered Smart TV’s and this year its 22” and 32” battery TV’s aimed at the Leisure Market. With an estimated 80% of homes within Africa currently without grid power, Cello’s “Solar TV” provides an affordable solution to give African homes the same access to informative, educational and entertaining TV content that is enjoyed the world over.

The Cello Solar TVs include a built-in Lithium ion battery and a built-in solar controller and comes with its own solar panel, which generates enough electricity for more than twelve hours of viewing on its 22” model, based on a single four-hour charge of sunlight. This is a big step forward for Africa, where currently TV’s in non-grid areas are powered by external batteries and external solar controllers.

Cello’s Solar TV’s are extremely price competitive and come in 22”, 32” & 43” screen sizes. Financed as a pay-as-you-go method to create low, manageable costs to customers, Cello and Mobisol hope to enable as many people as possible to access news and up-to-date information across African nations.

“Through our partnership with Mobisol and research of the African market, we have uncovered the opportunity to use our expertise to create products that solve real world problems, while offering the flexibility to adapt them to the needs of different organisations. We recognise many African families don’t have the means to buy televisions, so we’re looking to reach the organisations who are providing finance to Africa in order to improve the lives of these individuals living off grid,” said Brian Palmer, CEO of Cello Electronics.

Exploring opportunities in the African continent further, Cello will also shortly begin an experiment with MultiChoice, South Africa’s leading video entertainment and internet company. The Cello Solar TV’s will be used to power MultiChoice’s set top boxes in rural communities opening up a whole new range of content.

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About Mobisol

Mobisol are a socially conscious, impact-driven business. We aim to support and drive socio-economic development in the communities they work in. Creating fair working conditions, communicating transparently and reducing our ecological footprint are just a few aspects of their commitment to build a fully sustainable foundation for activities all over the world.
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