Cello Electronics (UK) Ltd

You can still buy UK Manufactured TVs


A little known fact as we approach the end of 2015, is you are still able to buy UK made TVs.

Best of British

Cello has evolved to become one of the UK’s leading brands in the LED TV market. True to tradition, all of our TVs are manufactured in the UK with customer service and after sales support also based at our plant in County Durham.

UK Assembly

Cello defies the industry norm by striving to develop and manufacture technologically advanced consumer electronics products. This includes LED TVs, soundbars, TV cabinets, digital tablets and a wide range of essential accessories.

Our innovative range of LED TVs are all manufactured in the UK at our state-of-the-art plant in County Durham. With many years of UK production experience behind us we cater for most screen sizes from 16 – 85 inch.

Research & Development

By investing a lot of time, knowledge and expertise in the manufacture and production of high quality LED TVs, Cello is frequently at the forefront of new, ground-breaking concepts. This means that Cello often bring revolutionary technologies to the market much earlier than many of its competitors, such as the introduction of the UK’s first LED TVs with integrated DVD, Traveller TVs, Smart TVs and now 4K Ultra HD at market leading prices.

After Sales Service

As well as a pioneering LED TV range, Cello focuses its efforts on providing the best after sales service in the industry. Our goal is not only to provide an efficient and professional after sales facility, but also to offer superior technical support. Both of these services are highly advanced in comparison to the after sales services offered by our competitors. The call centre, service facilities and spare parts are all here in the UK to demonstrate our commitment to customer service

So, why should you buy UK made TVs? It’s pretty simple, really – by purchasing your next TV from Cello, you are helping to keep a UK Brand alive by supporting the best of British.

For more information on us or our products, or for any other advice, simply call our customer service team or browse the Cello website to discover our complete current range of UK made TVs.